Our mission is to help women re-discover their style and learn to love and dress the women they are becoming through inclusive sizing, a self care driven environment and most importantly a fun, quirky spirit to enjoy the process.

We're so happy you're here.

    I started this business to fill a gap in the clothing industry I was personally experiencing.
Fashion changes by the second these days and unfortunately that strongly dictates what our favorite stores may carry & whom they are buying for.

I created the Casual Auntie Boutique as a way to source and find clothes that truly fit a woman’s body as she grows through seasons of her life. Coming from someone who experienced seasons of life where I barely wore any clothing
(I think yall remember those ages) and growing into a season of life where I have more of me to love and dress and want to be more sophisticated,
comfortable, still participate in trends and love not only what I’m wearing but
the confidence it gave me,

(whew that was a mouth full !)

I knew other women would want and NEED that too.

Check out The blog If you can relate !

We Love What We Do

We started out of the guest bedroom of our house in 2021 in the middle of a pandemic and in the darkest season of depression/anxiety I have ever experienced. I was looking for something to inspire me, motivate me and provide a creative outlet.

 I truly love fashion and how it can make people feel. I love the connections with clients I get to make and that I get to be apart of their lives through moments and special occasions. so I focused on that. I started creating logos with colors that inspired me, designing and tweaking websites to make me feel something and capture an emotion similar to how I wanted to feel when I walked into a store. To me shopping is like running, it is personal, a release and in a weird way gives me endorphins. From the way I’m greeted to my shopping and try on experience, all the way to my purchase and exit of the store. I wanted to recreate and share that.

I wanted to create a brand, company and business that motivated, empowered, and helped rediscover the women we are as well as the women we are becoming in this awkward puberty 2.0 stage of life that happens in your late 20’s to mid-30’s.  Everything from the colors we use, website design, products we choose to carry and the models we use are an extension of that growth and vision.

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