New Years Resolutions: Starting Fresh

Every year I start out the same way. I am like a lot of other women focused on health, fitness and “the glow up”. I eat right, exercise, and drink my water for maybe the first month then the scale doesn’t move, I get tired of not eating what I want when I want it. I slack on my diet, I’m tired and cranky since my body doesn’t have the right fuel so there’s no workout and I am in a hamster wheel yelling “Summer will get whatever body I decide to give it dag nabbit! This year things are different! Why? Because for 2022 I am changing my mindset around my resolutions. I am focusing on the positive aspect of them as opposed to the negative. Instead of my same old, eat right, lose weight, save money, declutter and live stress free, I’m opting for a better me with a better mindset. This year My resolutions are:
#1. Be more mindful with my body
      It’s no secret I struggle with anxiety but I refuse to let it take over my life. I actually go to a therapist through the VA, weekly to help with it. One thing we have been working on is mindfulness. Mindfulness can look different for everyone but for me it just means checking in with myself and acknowledging how I feel in certain moments and situations logically. Anxiety has a way of stripping your body’s logic. Every heart beat can feel like a ticking time bomb, each breath can feel like your last and sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between how you feel and what your body is responding to. For me, even though I am a bubbly people person, going places and being around certain types of people can be extremely triggering but through mindfulness it has gotten much better. I want to carry this skill over to 2022 and enhance it.

#2. Mend my relationship with my body
      How we talk to ourselves has a lot to do with how we view ourselves. This year I want to heal how I relate to my body. Have you ever been in a fitting room trying on clothes and you hear yourself say after the third time to try to pull up some SUPER cute jeans over your thighs, “I’m too fat for these!” or maybe you put on a top, look in the mirror and hear yourself saying “my stomach is too big for this”. It could even be as simple as someone suggesting an outfit, hairstyle or color and you saying “I’m too old for that”, “that’s too small for me” “that cut makes my face look fat”. Well, that’s what I am taking about. The world is CONSTANTLY telling women how we should dress, look and act. We don’t need to criticize ourselves even more. Instead I want to practice saying “that top is not flattering on my shape” or “these jeans are not right for my curves”, This cut doesn’t flatter the shape of my face”. I am 5’9 , Biracial (mixed black and white) with curly hair, long limbs and an EXTREMELY goofy personality. Not everything in this world was created to accentuate my body, personality and style and THAT IS OK! I love who I am and I know I was made exactly as intended anxiety, flaws and all. Healing the way my mind reacts to those circumstances will make me a stronger, more resilient woman and I’m ok being a female bad ass. Are you?
#3. Create a space my partner and I can enjoy together
      In march of 2021 my boyfriend and I decided to move in together after 5.5 years of dating. We were so blessed to find a 3-bedroom home that had just been built to rent in a new subdivision but are still struggling to marry our two households into one. Usually in the new year a lot of people rush to declutter and purge their homes but rather than go on a Rambo rampage to declutter, I want to focus on making our home a space we can both enjoy. The house is more like a Hodge podge of style and things we aren’t sure if we need not yet not plus we have a fur child (Atlas, my 1.5-year-old Golden Retriever) to share the space with as well. I want to spend this year purchasing and creating pieces of art, furniture and organization items that will enhance our space for our routines and lifestyle instead of trying to make our home look like Pinterest, the home-décor theme park. For example, we are converting one of our bedrooms into a mancave for my boyfriend so he can have a space that is his to relax and unwind. Our other bedroom, we are flipping into an office/guestroom for my business and guests to stay when they visit. I chose this as a resolution because I think it will help us get to know one another even more (as if 6 years hasn’t taught us anything) but also will help build a life we love which is all we really want. So, stay tuned for project updates, tips tricks and probably a few fails to laugh at in between.

#4. Be more intentional with my spending
      Like most of you, I have a full-time career but I also run my own online boutique full time. I am a regular adult just like you, I have bills, student loans, a fur child I can’t claim as a dependent, I love my Starbucks, clothes and hobby lobby just like some of you but I have to have a financial balance between business and the ability to enjoy my life. I want to be more intentional with what I am spending my money on to help me achieve my financial goals for my business as well as myself. I also want to pay attention to what my dollar is voting for. Purchasing items that are ethically sourced and made from companies that give back to their communities is really important to me. I think it says a lot about who I am and what my morals and values are. That phrase “stand for something or you will fall for anything” has really been on my mind lately and going forward in 2022 I want to put emphasis on not just saving money but being more resourceful, helpful and conscious of money habits. Now, that being said there may be a Starbucks allowance happening and possibly a shopping budget for quirky pieces I can’t leave the store without. Don’t judge!
#5. Take time for myself
       This last resolution is one I think we all can benefit from but usually feel guilty about. It can be hard to make time four ourselves. We have to work, clean, do laundry, exercise, take care family, attend events etc. I found this book Girl, Stop Apologizing that has really been helping me with not feeling guilty for claiming my time back. Being a woman is a full-time job but I want to remind myself who I am and What I am passionate about daily. There is nothing in this life worth loosing your sanity and peace over. I will be saying no to trips, family functions and yes, even chores when I need to me time. I see a few Netflix and chill dates in my future. I want to focus on goals to nurture growth and taking an hour each day to claim for myself is not only acceptable but NEEDED! It can be as a simple as a bubble bath, my favorite movie curled up on the couch or whatever makes me happy and feel grounded/relaxed. The plan is to start with the bubble baths since I got a lot of stress relief and sleep enhancing bath salts for Christmas. My family knows me well!

Get Inspired
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